Give your floors and walls the elegance it deserves with some of our hand picked collections of
tiles, mosaics, woods, vinyls and carpets from across the world.

Tiles, wood, vinyls and carpet floors.
Tiles, mosaics, decorative woods and vinyls.


Vitrified tiles go through a special thermal heating process to harden and strengthen the tiles making them tough to break. They are ideal for floors and walls in commercial and residential space.

Porcelain tiles go through a similar heat treatment as vitrified tiles, but are slightly less hard and stronger due to chemical composition. However, due to lesser rigidity, they can be subjected to a wide variety of shapes, patterns and structures. Porcelain tiles are prominently used as decorative tiles for walls and floors.

Ceramic tiles are the tiles of antiquity. Though they are not as resilient to wear and tear as modern vitrified tiles, they are resilient enough to withstand abrasion. They are ideally suited for floors and walls of residential spaces.

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> Mosaics
From its origins in Mesopotamia to elaborate usage in Greek and Roman era, mosaics are the predecessor of tiles. Mosaics are made of different materials and can be arranged in different ways to act as portrait or design. They are principally used for decoration.

Each small block which comprises a mosaic are called tesserae and are made from different types of materials as listed here.

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Wooden surfaces

Wooden flooring gives an antic and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Wood is generally classified into softwood and hardwood. Wood which is ideal for flooring, you guessed it, is hard wood. Softwood is used as supporting layers in plywood.

We have listed few types of wood which can be used for both floors and walls.

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Give your home a eye popping contemporary look.
With rich graphics and textures which can't be achived by traditional flooring, vinyl will add a new deminsion to your interior.

Types of vinyl based on installation.

Types of vinyl based on Finish.

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Carpet adds a sense of comfort and warmth to your house.
Carpets can be used for insulating a person's feet from the floor, making the floor comfortable to sit and play with children, reducing sound while walking and adding an element of decor to your room.

Types of carpets based on materials.

Types of carpets based on weave.

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